WELD QUEEN  is a contemporary Russian artist, sculptor and performer.
The main media of Weld Queen is metal: with the help of welding the artist creates major interactive sculptures and large — scale metal installations (many of which are public art projects), they are focused on direct interaction with the viewer. Interactivity is a key feature of her work, acquiring its main idea only in direct cooperation with the person.
The main themes of her works are an ironic study of social stereotypes and common values, the role of women in society, the enduring importance for a person of a “pure”, uncluttered view, supported by a bold imagination and creative power of imagination.
As a performer, the artist mythologizes her creative and professional experience on the example of the profession of welder and creates her own “Welding reality”, popularizing the philosophy of labor as the highest life value through different performative images.

Short biography:

Alexandra Weld Queen  was born in Kislovodsk in 1985. Since 2008 she lives and works in Moscow. For several years she worked as a Director for development in the commercial and industrial sector. After moving to Moscow she became interested in working with metal and decided to completely change her profession. From 2010 to 2012 she received a professional education at the Moscow Polytechnic College specializing in welding technology. In 2015 she creates her first sculpture “Tikhvami” and after that works exclusively as an artist. From 2017-2018-studing in “Free workshops” at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA). Over the past three years Weld Queen has sold more than 20 sculptural projects including such large public art works as “Brothers” (2017) and “Petunets” (2016) in the Park “Kudykina Gora”, Lipetsk region.