This is a large-scale art object that will be performed at Burning Man 2023.

The Weld Queen team successfully created the “Airfield for walking in the clouds” at Burning Man 2019, and the Blastoff is a follow-up of this project.
A new object, Blast off, will be added to the already-created Airfield, breaking out of the ground and seeking up high the plane. This object symbolizes the inexhaustible pursuit of your dreams and the power with which you can rush toward them.

At the top of Blast off, there will be exits to the wings through the aircraft cabin, and the residents of Black Rock City will be able to look at Playa from above, dance, and enjoy unforgettable views of “Burn Universe.” At the bottom of Blast off, in the “fiery color tail,” which is also a tent shelter from the sun, there will be a small tea room and a chillout. It is a place where any resident of Black Rock City will be able to quench their thirst or try to be a tea master. There will be several rope swings on the wings of the aircraft available to people from Earth, where they will literally be able to fly under the wings of the shuttle rushing into the sky.

Blast off will be the link between the Airfield on Earth and all the distant parts of the galaxy.

In 2020, the project received a grant from Burning Man under the program of Black Rock City Honoraria Grants

Approving a grant from Burning Man is a great honor and shows trust in the project, as well as an appreciation for an amount that covers a small part of the construction of an art object.


Blastoff: 115 x 82 x 35 feet.
Mixed media.


Watch «Airfield for walking in the clouds» from Burning man 2019.