The four-winged Phoenix came to Weld Queen at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the second half of April. IT appeared as a symbol of rebirth, renewal, a sign of the violent but at the same time protective Nature.

The two upper wings of the “Phoenix” are the power of Nature, inspiration and recovery from any troubles. Humanity, subjected to various tests, overcoming them, finds a way to growth and development. The lower wings formed in a gesture of embrace, reflect the maternal care of Nature, protecting, feeding and guiding the children.

“The appearance of Phoenix greatly encouraged me at a very necessary moment when everything froze in an incomprehensible state. I am grateful to the “quarantine” for this gift and the opportunity to work calmly on the project part. It will be 8 meters high with a wingspan of 9 meters. The scale matters and excites the imagination.” – Weld Queen



8,7 x 7,3 x 3,4 m